Gate and barrier automation

Swing gate automation – offers you great comfort by completely eliminating the human effort required to open a gate, especially those for vehicle access.

Gate automations are distinguished by the resistance of special materials and treatments, to guarantee a very high resistance to corrosion and perfect operation over time, even in more difficult climatic conditions.

The system contains a set of photocells that prevent the car from being accidentally hit when the gates are closed. The operation is done both from the remote control and manually via a key button. Our company helps you in choosing the optimal equipment variant, depending on the construction of the gate, its dimensions and weight, traffic intensity and construction features. In addition to choosing the system that best suits your gate, our specialists ensure professional installation and maintenance.

Car barriers are systems for blocking and delimiting access in the perimeter area, usually installed at the property boundary of the access area such as public parking lots, industrial or residential spaces. They are also used as part of paid parking systems. The barrier has in its component a control unit and an arm 6 m long, allows customization and adjustment to small dimensions of at least 1.5 m, hydraulic safety device, hydraulic locking to keep the barrier open or closed and allows manual release accessed by a triangular key. It receives commands via a manually operated remote control or from a system based on access cards, allowing automated access operated by each person.