Installation and maintenance of access control systems

Access control systems

  • is one of the safest and most effective ways to protect a target, due to restricting access to people or vehicles on site.
  • a rigorous control of the access in the areas of importance, with the highlighting of the activity through detailed reports.

Main component:

Identification method

Fingerprint identification or face recognition ensures a higher security of access, being more difficult to fraud, due to biometric information.

Electronic control equipment

Central or standalone reader controllers / standalone smart IP readers – the latest generation of readers with built-in controller, which ensures both independent operation and connection to the local computer network.

This provides low installation costs, isolation of possible equipment defects, rapid expansion and minimal system costs.

Devices to block access

The devices are chosen according to the type of access, the number of users and the security class.

Administration software

The software application ensures the administration of the system and allows the configuration of the following operations: authorizing people for access in certain areas and certain time intervals, viewing the presence / absence status in real time, viewing the status of doors and their online control, defining access groups for people, viewing, filtering and archiving access events.

There is the possibility to extend the functionality with electronic timekeeping, a fact provided by the system administration software, with the possibility of exporting timekeeping data.

We also offer the Installment Package. Payment in maximum 6 months which include the cost of equipment, system installation, technical design for the system, monthly maintenance.