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We have implemented in many schools and high schools in Bucharest Electronic School Catalog which is an educational IT application dedicated to pre-university education institutions (preschool, primary, middle school, high school). Represents a complete grading system (grades, absences, automatic calculation of averages), communication (inspectorate-school-students-teachers-parents), teaching tools (teaching materials, homework), organization (notice board, calendar), notification and information (SMS, e-mail) and can be configured according to the needs of the school.


School management

  • View all school catalogs in electronic format;
  • General ranking of students;
  • Statistical reports on grades and absences;
  • Comparisons between classes – number of absences / averages;
  • SMS or online messaging to all parents and teachers of the school;


  • Generating and transmitting reports to the unit management, the School Inspectorate, the Ministry of National Education;
  • Generating statistics related to the number of absences / student or class;
  • SMS or online communication with students’ parents;
  • Automatic calculation of averages;