Instalare și mentenanță instalații stingere incendiu cu Aerosoli / Hidranți

Fire detection and extinguishing systems must provide

  • Detection of fires on traffic routes, in common areas, but also in auxiliary spaces and in those rooms where the fire could not be observed in time;
  • Fire notification, automatically and manually to the responsible teams;
  • Alarming the service teams, which must ensure the first intervention and evacuation of civilians according to the action plans;
  • Warning civilians from clarification on the danger and informing them to avoid panic;
  • Integration and connection of an extinguishing system.

Maintenance of fire detection and extinguishing installations

Any fire detection and alarm system must be maintained by an authorized person or company. According to the regulations in force, the system must be checked once every 6 months or more frequently if the risk class is very high or if ex

We also offer the Installment Package. Payment in maximum 6 months which include the cost of equipment, system installation, technical design for the system, monthly maintenance.